Short Sale Processing

Today, the most successful economic solutions are those which ensure mutually beneficial exchanges. Rhombus dedicates its extensive domain knowledge and expertise in Short Sale Processing to help clients achieve higher sales volumes and increased efficiency. It’s the ideal win-win situation.

Our aim – provide clients with a steady foundation that enables them to drive top-line growth with minimal effort.

Specific Services

Rhombus has positioned itself as a top competitor in the field of Short Sale BPO. Many of our clients find Short Sale Processing to be an extremely tedious and time consuming business function. Stringent guidelines provided by lending financial institutions to negotiate Short Sale cases demand back-office efficiency, precision, extensive knowledge and most of all persistence. All qualities Rhombus is well-known for.

Our services are competitively priced which translates to significant savings and increased profits for our clients. By outsourcing this business function to us, realtors and real estate companies can side-step all the complexities involved in Short Sale Processing while they continue to tap into the distressed properties market.

The team of dedicated professionals at Rhombus is adept at assembling complete short sale packages and conducting negotiations directly with lenders. We operate with absolute transparency, showing lenders exactly what they will net through the submission of a preliminary HUD and continue to carry out negotiations with loss mitigation representatives until a mutually beneficial agreement is reached.

Our winning formula is in our approach. We only venture into territory we know well and rely on thorough professional study, research, frequent follow-up and prompt action to deliver the desired results to our clients.

Areas of Expertise

  • Comparative market analysis (CMA)
  • Case research
  • Missing documents follow-up
  • Package preparation
  • Preparation of preliminary net sheet or HUD-1
  • Preparation of income-expense work sheet
  • Preparation of hardship letter
  • Negotiation
  • Extended customer service support

Stay Connected

  • 24×7 updates (via web-based CRM)
  • Status updates to customers (via e-mail)
  • Submission of documents (via fax)
  • Prompt & frequent follow-up
  • Case status reports to clients (via e-mail)

Why Rhombus?

  • Rhombus has the lowest and most competitive prices in the industry, providing short sale processing.
  • Rhombus has a 100% success rate.
  • Rhombus has a qualified team of negotiators with extensive domain knowledge and expertise, including MBAs, Engineers, Masters in Banking etc.
  • Rhombus has a high scalable capacity, capable of processing thousands of files per month.
  • Rhombus is built for speed and significantly increases client’s closing ratios.
  • Rhombus invests in a strong research team to gather all the information needed to successfully negotiate and close a short sale file.
  • Rhombus is equipped with advanced technology. We use the latest software and techniques to close short sale files.
  • Rhombus follows a set of strict quality control guidelines.
  • Rhombus provides nationwide reach, processing files across all US states.
  • Rhombus is flexible and adaptable, customizing its services as per the individual requirements of every client.
  • Rhombus assumes absolute responsibility for the business functions it is delegated. We are entirely answerable to our clients.
  • Rhombus keeps things simple. We take care of the everyday issues so that you can concentrate on growing your business.