Mortgage Loan Modification

In light of today’s dynamic global economic trends, Rhombus stands firm. We remain committed to delivering swift and efficient mortgage loan modification processing services to our clients, enabling them to build new business and grow their organizations.

Our aim – help clients save more than homes, help them save reputations.

Specific Services

Being one of its key domains of expertise, Rhombus has gained extensive experience in providing Mortgage Loan Modification Processing services to a number of leading attorney firms, mortgage and real estate brokers across the United States of America.

The reason they choose to outsource this business function to us:-

  • Faster turn-around times – file completion at an average of 60-90 days
  • Increased profits – Divert your resources towards new business development
  • Nationwide reach – Processing and negotiation of files across all US states

Rhombus also boasts a 100% success rate with 3000 loans successfully modified and the lowest and most competitive pricing in the industry. We have a scalable capacity of up to 20000 files per month, unparalleled expertise and we provide excellent customer support via dedicated account representatives.

We don’t charge extra for re-submissions and second mortgages. And, special discounts are available for bulk orders.

Areas of Expertise

  • Case research
  • Missing documents follow-up
  • Loan underwriting
  • Package preparation
  • Data management
  • Extended customer service support

Stay Connected

  • 24×7 updates (via web-based CRM)
  • Status updates to customers (via e-mail)
  • Submission of documents (via fax)
  • Prompt & frequent follow-up
  • Case status reports to clients (via e-mail)

Why Rhombus?

  • Rhombus has the lowest and most competitive prices in the industry, processing loan modification assignments.
  • Rhombus has a 100% success rate, with more than 1,500 files successfully closed in the last 18 months.
  • Rhombus has a qualified team of professionals with extensive domain knowledge and expertise, including MBAs, Engineers, Masters in Banking etc.
  • Rhombus has a high scalable capacity, capable of processing up to 20,000 files per month.
  • Rhombus is built for speed. Our fastest turn-around-time for a file is clocked at 1 hour. We help significantly increase our client’s closing ratios.
  • Rhombus is always up-to-date. We invest in a strong research team to continuously monitor lender programs and all current lender specific forms and submission preferences.
  • Rhombus helps reduce your overhead costs and increase your profits.
  • Rhombus follows a set of strict quality control guidelines.
  • Rhombus provides nationwide reach, processing files across all US states.
  • Rhombus is flexible and adaptable, customizing its services as per the individual requirements of every client.
  • Rhombus assumes absolute responsibility for the business functions it is delegated. We are entirely answerable to our clients.
  • Rhombus keeps things simple. We take care of the everyday issues so that you can concentrate on growing your business.