Long Distance Services

Advancements in modern day telecommunication have changed the way we do business today. Multi-channel technology and interactive intelligence platforms enables Rhombus to interact with a large customer base across the world. We compete in the global arena to deliver outstanding results and the highest quality of customer service.

Our aim – maximize lead generation and conversion for our clients.

Specific Services

Rhombus ventured into the field of Long Distance Telemarketing BPO when it was still a relatively untouched domain in India. Today, our qualified team includes 40 talented individuals who successfully generate more that 2,000 calling card sales per month for every one of our clients.

Rhombus specializes in telemarketing for long distance service providers in the US and Canadian markets at extremely competitive prices. Although most of our telemarketing operations are conducted in English, Rhombus now offers services in 9 different languages which are native to the Indian sub-continent. This allows our clients to tap into a large percentage of the immigrant population residing in North America to generate sales.

Rhombus is specifically designed to adapt to a dynamically changing business environment in order to deliver exceptional results to our clients. Our team works towards maximizing returns on sales leads, steering customers previously lost back to our clients and providing valuable customer feedback. We follow strict quality control guidelines and give clients the benefit of remote call monitoring in order to conduct in-house quality assessment of our services.

Our ongoing success in this domain reflects a strong business ethic, honesty, transparency and an ability to provide service par excellence.

Areas of Expertise

  • Sales & marketing
  • Quality control
  • Language adaptability (representatives who speak 9 Indian languages)
  • Delivering customer service excellence
  • Customer relationship management
  • Report generation

Stay Connected

  • 24×7 updates (via web-based CRM)
  • Weekly status updates to customers (via phone)
  • Prompt & frequent follow-up
  • Case status reports to clients (via e-mail)

Why Rhombus?

  • Rhombus is and extremely cost-effective investment with the lowest and most competitive prices in the industry.
  • Rhombus achieves targets on time and in accordance with the requirements of each client.
  • Rhombus has a qualified team of professionals with extensive domain knowledge and expertise.
  • Rhombus is built for speed and significantly increases client’s sales. We regularly cross 2000 sales per client per month with a 40-member team.
  • Rhombus follows a set of strict quality control guidelines. We enable clients with remote call monitoring facilities.
  • Rhombus is equipped with advanced technology. We use highly sophisticated multi-channel technology and interactive intelligence platforms.
  • Rhombus invests in an extensive training regimen for new team members in order to enhance performance.
  • Rhombus provides nationwide reach, operating across all US states.
  • Rhombus is flexible and adaptable, customizing its services as per the individual requirements of every client. We work within your company’s ethos and can easily respond to changing needs. Rhombus even customizes reports as per each client’s specific requirements.
  • Rhombus assumes absolute responsibility for the business functions it is delegated. We are entirely answerable to our clients.
  • Rhombus keeps things simple. We take care of the everyday issues so that you can concentrate on growing your business.