Customer Support

Rhombus has taken BPO to the next level by extending its outsourcing capabilities to include servicing for a variety of back-end business functions. Through these services, Rhombus strives to become an extension of your organization, one that is capable of handling operations on a global scale with ease and efficiency.

Our aim – help clients concentrate on what they do best.

Specific Services

Rhombus is proficient at setting up and managing expansive inbound and outbound call centres to handle a number of day-to-day business functions for your organization. Our customer service facilities are divided into three categories – outbound customer services, inbound call center services and back-office services.

Outbound Customer Services

  • Appointment Scheduling
    Rhombus helps clients by performing a number of time scheduling activities, including slotting and/or cancellation of appointments as well as reservation of transportation, hotel rooms, restaurants, concert tickets, conferences, seminars, etc.
  • Up & Cross Selling
    Rhombus helps facilitate a client’s growth through market expansion. Our executives utilize a number of effective cross-selling and up-selling techniques to significantly increase clients’ sales volumes.
  • Telemarketing
    By delivering high-end telemarketing services, Rhombus enables clients to meet and exceed expected sales targets. Our qualified sales representatives ensure enhanced customer service and end-customer satisfaction.
  • Market Research & Survey
    Rhombus systematically conducts market research activities and surveys for its clients in order to gather, record and analyse vital market-related information. This process gives clients a better understanding of the buying patterns of their customers, their competitor’s position in the market and also indicates potential areas for growth.
  • Lead Generation
    Rhombus’s active involvement in market research activities enables us to keep up-to-date with today’s dynamic market trends. We utilize our expertise to generate fresh leads for our clients, ensuring higher conversion rates and increased sales.

Inbound Call Center Services

  • Answering Service
    Rhombus functions as an answering service as well as a message center for clients. This accurate and highly effective facility benefits clients in terms of substantial time and cost savings.
  • Customer Service
    Rhombus can serve the purpose of a Customer Relationship Manager for our clients. We work towards increasing our client’s customer base as well as enhancing the quality of service delivered to
  • Helpdesk Services
    With the help of Rhombus’s well-trained and experienced team, customers can derive the benefits of a fully functional helpdesk facility. Outsourcing the helpdesk function to Rhombus ensures quick response to customer reports and faster problem resolution, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.
  • Inquiry Management
    Clients can rely on Rhombus’s well-trained and informed staff to take on the responsibility of an inquiry center in order to provide accurate and relevant information to end-users, empowering them to make faster decisions, resulting in higher enquiry-to-sales conversions.
  • Sales Lead Qualification
    Making use of Rhombus’s extensive market experience and strong analytical processes helps clients identify and capitalize on ready-to-close sale opportunities, saving both time and effort spent on following-up futile leads.
  • Online Communication Management
    Rhombus efficiently manages online communication activities on behalf of its clients. This service covers e-mail correspondence and live chat, amongst other more complicated online communication initiatives.

Back-office Services

  • Transcription Services
    Rhombus offers clients complete transcription services at the most competitive prices. We use the latest in technology and follow strict quality guidelines while converting audio-video files into text documents.