About Rhombus


RHOMBUS ITES LLP, which today is part of a 20 million USD Group, is a well-established multi-national company having a presence in both India and the United States.

Rhombus’s domains of core competence are:-

Business Process Outsourcing

Rhombus Technologies is an excellent back office service provider in the Finance and Telecom sectors; with expertise in the domains of Mortgage and Cash Advance. Its BPO clients include a number of SME organizations across the US, UK and Canada.

Technology Services

Rhombus Technologies has to its credit a talented and dedicated software development team. This innovative division offers customized software solutions which are designed keeping in mind the individual needs and specifications of each client. Our products are currently being utilized by a number of Fortune 1000 companies like Reliance Infocom, Tata Teleservices and the Indian Army

Infrastructure Leasing

Rhombus Technologies has experienced tremendous growth since its inception. Today, the organization spans more than 50,000 square feet of commercial space which facilitates its Infrastructure Leasing Division. This division services 1,300 leased seats which are categorized on the basis of shell to per seat values. This option is ideal for smaller scale organizations that wish to avoid capital expenditure or investment in day-to-day infrastructure management.

Representative offices in New York and London allow Rhombus Technologies to utilize a fully offshore or few onsite/most offshore based methodology. This ensures maximum benefit to clients, due to lower costs in India, without having to compromise on efficiency.

The goal of its 200 employees is to add value in every one of its domains and exceed the clients’ expectations by providing unparalleled service excellence.

Core Values

At Rhombus Technologies our core values are what makes us unique and identifiable, not for the principles themselves but for how they have been imbibed into the very fiber of our organization.

The founding principles of honesty, simplicity, value creation and individual rights have all played an important role in nurturing an attitude of success that has reaped not only monetary rewards but consistency of rewards for Rhombus since its inception. These core values remain a guiding force for our organization even today.

“Values are like personality. They are intangible. But, when you have experienced a good one, you realize it instantly and cannot go back to anything other than that.”

– Prashantt Rupani, Managing Partner, RHOMBUS ITES LLP.


Although clichéd, this core value is the foundation stone for good business. And, like good business it involves a give and take relationship. Therefore, honesty is not just a value we stand for but one we expect from all our business partners and stakeholders. In our eyes, it is dignified, ethical and a true sign of mutual respect.


Quite simply, this core value is self-explanatory. We believe in keeping things precise, keeping them understandable and keeping them uncomplicated. We believe that simplicity enhances both productivity and transparency, aspects we are proud to call our own. We make it a point to embark on only projects we truly understand. ‘Simple’ is efficiency and effectiveness in our perspective.

Value Creation

When we say value creation we don’t just mean improving a process ever so slightly. By this we mean utilizing our resources to truly make a difference. We don’t simply wish to solve problems and troubleshoot. We wish to innovate, revolutionize the way business is done and thereby create wealth, create opportunities and create value for every client.

Individual Rights

This core value represents the human side of Rhombus as a business entity. We believe it is our responsibility as an organization to inspire, encourage and reward the human beings who work for and alongside us. We respect every individual’s right to choose what is best for him/herself at any given point and the freedom to act in accordance. Our means to success has and always will be encouragement. And not coercion.

Management Team

Prashantt Rupani
Managing Partner

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Prashantt is a consummate executive and entrepreneur. In 2006, he began his journey with Rhombus Technologies as a Co-Owner and member of the Board of Directors.

Prashantt began his career with more than five years experience in his family business in the field of Finance and Construction. Later, he went on to gain more than ten years experience in the BPO industry.

This versatile, growth-oriented executive advances visionary change in times of economic uncertainty by developing high-impact operational strategies. He firmly believes in leading by example and this is reflected in his keen interest in continuous process improvement. Prashantt successfully manages institutional growth through perceptive analysis of market trends, and organizational capability and capacity.

Prashantt is a motivated young professional with numerous talents and considerable self-discipline. He is fun-loving, likable, enthusiastic, trusting and trustworthy.

Darshak Rupani

After completing his studies in Mumbai, he got his MCA done from Sydney, Australia. His journey with Rhombus began in 2015. With his association, Rhombus looks upto him for smartly managing the infrastructure, IT and Banking.

His wide experience of managing companies like White Diamond Industries Limited (a diamond company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange), Sapna Infraventures pvt ltd (An infrastructure comany from Mumbai) is a great plus.

Rekha Singh

Rekha has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and has also done her software engineering from NIIT. Atrue visionary, she brings to the table a refreshingly resourceful perspective and an impressive, comprehensive knowledge of the vibrant Mortgage Industry of USA, amongst various other domains.

Rekha’s expertise lies in developing and executing successful channels, teams, and inventive opeartional strategies for companies at their start-up and right through the various development stages as well. Rekha has incredible determination and is constantly driven to achieve the unachievable. Her enthusiasm and energy is positively contagious, a quality she is admired for by both clients and colleagues.

She is simple, independent, single and ambitious. She strongly believes in family values and that honesty and professionalism is the true path to growth and success.